Cracked Door Moon

'Well that's just like your opinion man'

Things are coming up Milhouse!

- Interview next week, big assignment to create a corporate recycling policy for them to implement, but I’d rather be thrown into the fire for an interview and be able to truly show what I know instead of the regular boring questions
- Great lineup of shows coming up, Creepshow, Supersuckers, Hold Steady x4
- Mariners in Toronto!

Dear Catalonia

Oh I miss your warmth, and I miss your touch

I hadn’t spent much time with you, but you gave me so much

Yellow and red, proudly on the streets

By chance and circumstance, we happened to meet

We meant to return, when his dreams were done

If I return, it’ll be as one

I’ll see it all, when I go back one day

I just wish that night you would have stayed


Dear Catalonia, I miss you, I wish you were here

Dear Catalonia, I miss you, though you live so near

Verse 2

You made some promises, you just couldn’t keep

You’d say you wanted to try again, but talk was cheap

You took it all back with a call on the phone

And just like that, I was all alone

Things seemed so easy, back at the start

We came to your city, we saw your art

But things can change, so quickly at best

When all hopes and dreams are laid to rest

Verse 3

Things will get better, I know it’s true

But instead of better, I’d rather have you

Goodbye, farewell, they’re all the same

Even though you know, everything has changed

I wish I could call you
I wish that you were still around

—"My Wrecking Ball" - Ryan Adams